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Highest commission : Only Islamic site to offer upto 45% commission

Referral fee : Get paid even a free member joins

Life time tracking : Get paid even if the member upgrades after a year

Multiple web sites : Maintain one account to earn from many websites.

Multi language: Target English and Arabic speaking visitors

Rotating Banners: Quality banners rotated to boost your commission

Co-branding : Display your logo in homepage and all inner pages

Real time Statistics: Watch your growth 24x7 through your control panel

Get Rewarded: Enjoy regular and prompt payments

Lifetime Revenue Share Deal : Turn your efforts into life time revenue.

About is the world's largest online matrimonial service provider for Muslims and thousands of new single Muslims joining each month. does not allow its members to contact each other for friendship or penpal. Its services adheres to Islamic principles.

We've got over 8 years of experience in the Industry and have made thousands and thousands of successful muslim marriages around the world.

Highest commission :
We are proud to claim that we are the only Islamic website that offer commission up to 45% on the membership fee.

Every affiliate will start their membership fee from 35% commission basis and once the monthly payout reaches to USD 300 and above - will include 10% amount as bonus.

Referral fee :
Apart from commission on membership payments, every time someone registers for free on, by clicking on our banners through your web site, you earn referral fee of USD 0.10.

Lifetime tracking: offers life time tracking, even if the member upgrades his membership after years you would be paid the commission fee.

Multiple web sites under one account:
You can use the single account for all Web sites that you have. The advantage of doing this is that you will receive a single check for all of your Web sites. This makes it easier to reach higher commission percentage levels and quicker to reach the minimum balance needed to receive payment.

Banner advertisements: offers all of their affiliates interactive search boxes, pop-ups, banners, texts, and buttons in all sizes that would convert clicks to turn traffic into cash!

Banner Rotations : delivers professionally designed banners, search boxes, pop-ups randomly whenever the page is being refreshed so that the visitor do not see the same banner

Multi language: provides service in English and also Arabic. This gives your opportunity to target not only English speaking visitors and also Arabic.

Co-branding: offers co-branding with web sites that have logos and displays "Matrimonial Service Powered by" logo in your homepage. Whenever a visitor visits through your website, your web site logo will be visible next to in our homepage and all inner header pages of

Real time Statistics:
All of our affiliates will have access to the daily statistics 24x7 showing clicks from your site, your referrals, memberships and commissions.

Get Rewarded: committed to issue regular and prompt payments even if your commission payout amount is as low as USD 30.00 per month. Webmasters can choose to receive payments through local cheques or PayPal.

Administrative Support :
A team of helpful and knowledgable Dependable and dedicated management staff for affiliates to assist them to get most profit from partnership.

Search Engine Ranking :
By joining affiliate programe and getting return link will increase search engine rankings.

Cummunity Support:
By joining as an Affiliate of, you not only earn money, but also helping our single Muslims to find their suitable life parnter through

We are proud to claim that we are the only Islamic web site who award up to 45% commission on the first membership payments and also USD.0.10 every time someone registers for free on through your web site, you earn referral fee.

All you need to do is join our affiliate program and place our banners on your web site.

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Network Sites : mobile |, the world's leading and best known matrimonial website for Muslims around the world, founded in year 1998. was founded with simple object - to help single Muslims to find their suitable life partner and also help Muslim parents to search & gift better life partner for their son/daughter, within a halal enviornment while bending to-date's technological advancements to suite our Islamic principles. By providing better services and highest success, reached more than 10 million single Muslims around the world. Read more...
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